SMART RUGGED SSDs employ current and next-generation defense-focused designs with physical ruggedization, conformal coating, HW-based erase triggers on each end of the drives. Utilizing Flash technology backed with proven world-class support, SMART RUGGED designs and manufactures high performance military and industrial SSDs with military standard encryption, secure data elimination and write-protect features.


RUGGED drives come with a full array of security and data protection, including ATA password protection, AES-XTC-256b encryption, external HW triggers and more. Select drives feature FIPS 140-2 protection. Upon request, SMART RUGGED drives also employ a variety of write protect and erase features that meets MIL-STD-810G and other DoD and HSI standards for data security.

Shock and Vibration

SMART’s RUGGED SSDs are designed to perform under high duress for shock and vibration in line with MIL-STD-810 standards. Drives are designed to perform under operating shock of 1500G based on half-sine shock pulse of 0.5ms and vibration of 16.4 g rms or higher.

Conformal Coating

SMART RUGGED customers can request optional conformal coating to safeguard devices from foreign material infiltration (i.e. dust and liquid) and can provide mitigation for tin whisker growth, ensuring product reliability. Because RUGGED SSDs are utilized in the harshest industrial and defense environments, this process allows them to consistently perform even under the toughest conditions.


With optional conformal coating, staking and underfill processes available, SMART RUGGED SSDs can be modified to better resist humidity and condensation. This combination of layered protection against the elements allows RUGGED drives to perform in the humid and water saturated conditions.


Following MIL-STD-180 standards, RUGGED SSDs are designed to comfortably operate at altitudes of 24,384 m (80,000 ft.) and in some cases, 30,480 m (100,000 ft.). These specifications allow RUGGED drives to comfortably perform in a variety of airborne defense operations in a variety of environments.

Advanced Wear Leveling

SMART RUGGED drives employ advanced wear leveling which allows the storage device to evenly distribute the P/E cycles among all blocks. Advanced Wear leveling extends the life span and improves the reliability and durability of the storage device.

Industrial Temperature

RUGGED SSDs are designed to operate in industrial temperature ranges of -40°C to 85°C or -40° Fahrenheit to 185° Fahrenheit. This range of operation makes RUGGED drives suitable for a wide variety of industrial and defense applications.

Specific Shock and Vibration (Optional)

RUGGED SSDs can feature extra shock and vibration testing to MIL-STD-810 or other industry standards specific to a customer’s application.

Underfill and Staking (Optional)

RUGGED SSDs can employ optional underfill and staking to strengthen solder joints and reinforce the product resistance against vibration and thermal shock. Underfill strengthens the solder joints between solder balls and circuit board, increasing the product’s resistance against vibration and reduces thermal stress damage.

Leaded Process (Optional)

SMART RUGGED drives have the optional ability to use a leaded solder process to avoid tin whisker growth and provide other characteristics that are preferred in some RUGGED applications.

Custom FW (Optional)

RUGGED SSDs can feature controller firmware that is modified specifically for a  customer’s application.  These include the handling of special erase commands or acknowledgements to the host for completion of specific tasks.

Custom HW (Optional)

RUGGED SSDs can feature hardware modifications to accommodate specific customer needs, often for various remote connections such as drones, autonomous vehicles, surveillance or LED applications.

Extreme Temperature Screening (Optional)

SMART RUGGED SSDs can feature overheating protection screening mechanisms if the customer requires. This option guarantees data integrity, equipment safety and enables even more stable operation over extended periods, prolonging the service life of the drive.

● Ruggedized Enclosure for Shock and Vibration

● SafeDATA Technology Combines Unique Power Loss Detection and Hold-Up Circuitries That Protects Data in Case of Sudden Power Failure

● Passes MIL-STD-810G

● Thermal Sensor

● 100% 8 Hour Burn-In (I-Temp -40°C to +85°C)