High Performance Computing (HPC) represents a leading solution being used to model and understand complex issues such as weather, agriculture, and space. HPC applications require the ability to process data and perform complex calculations at high speeds in limited timeframes. For applications such as AI machine/deep learning, data analysis, or medical research, HPC can process massive amount of data in real time. As HPC increases, so will the demands for high performing and reliable memory to deliver on expectations.

Challenges and Requirements

• HPC solutions consist of three main components - computing, storage and networking. Each component must keep pace with others for maximum performance. When compute servers process data at high speed, the high-speed transportation of data between servers and data storage needs infrastructure support, ergo the need for high performing memory as well.

• With the ability to perform complex computing, HPC solutions are used in a variety of applications from well drilling in the oil and gas industry, biotech research, AI, and self-driving vehicles, among others. These mission-critical applications often require 24/7 operation in harsh environments so it’s crucial to utilize a durable, stable and high performance storage and memory solution.

• Because HPC solutions are deployed in a wide variety of locales, unexpected power loss or vibration can be a risk. To mitigate this damage or occurrence, a solid mechanism for data protection like SMART Modular memory provides, ensures data is safeguarded and remains intact under any circumstance.

SMART Modular Solutions

• SMART Modular's DuraMemory NVDIMM, persistent memory with SafeStor™ encryption, dramatically accelerates system performance by allowing HPC’s checkpointing function to be done DRAM thereby dramatically accelerating performance. The NVDIMM is also used for logging, tiering, caching and write buffering.

• SMART Modular's Enterprise Memory is used for mission-critical applications where memory failures are not an option and highly reliable, uninterrupted HPC service is mandatory. The modules undergo a rigorous and comprehensive 3-part Enterprise Test Process which includes stress, temperature and time. SMART’s unique and proven screening process using custom-built test equipment and software results in only the highest quality, most reliable memory modules shipping to customers.

• SMART Modular's DuraFlash 3D NAND SSDs includes 2.5" SATA, M.2 SATA, mSATA, SATA Slim, M.2 and U.2 PCIe NVMe and are optimized for performance consistency in continuous duty cycles and workloads. Additional features include data integrity, burn-in, industrial temperature and optimized firmware. Optional SafeDATA™ power loss data protection also provides the next level in data integrity and reliability.

• SMART Modular’s DuraFlash MDC7000 Data Center/Enterprise SSD is compliant with EDSFF. The E1.S form factor is optimized with low latency and low power consumption for 24/7 performance required in HPC applications. SafeDATA™ power loss data protection is standard for the MDC7000 enterprise-class SSD.