Along with increasing amount of IT devices and systems installed in modern enterprises, more and more data is generated and transported everyday between physical equipment and virtual spaces, like the cloud. In order to efficiently and effectively store and manage these quantities of data, it’s becoming necessary to build a data infrastructure that can accommodate in-house data centers or that can be outsourced to cloud service providers. Whether the data infrastructure is internal or external, the main purpose is to gather process and store the data under stable and secure conditions to ensure uninterrupted operation for the enterprises.

Challenges & Requirements

• Data centers can employ a wide variety of different IT equipment, all requiring non-stop power distribution, ventilation, and cooling systems. With all these conditions, data centers must still perform critical applications where memory failures are not an option and highly reliable, uninterrupted service is mandatory.

• Avoiding memory failures due to the introduction of new smaller process technologies, faster speeds, higher DRAM densities, multi-die packaging and other factors such as test escapes.

• When the latest technical trends such as 5G or smart automation become more standardized, greater amounts data will need to be processed and stored, requiring more flexible and scalable solutions with cost-effective maintenance plans and expansion in mind.

SMART Modular Solutions

• SMART's DuraMemory DRAM offer multiple form factors from LRDIMM, RDIMM, UDIMM, SO-DIMM, Mini-DIMM, XRDIMM and MIP with stable performance across typical industrial temperature range. Additional features, such as memory module burn-in, 30μin gold-coated contacts, underfill, conformal coating, anti-sulfur resistors and retention clips, are the features that differentiate SMART Modular’s rugged, industrial memory modules. Known for long-life stability and reliable computing capabilities, they are preferred by designers for high-intensity industrial workloads.

• SMART's DuraFlash 3D NAND SSDs, including 2.5" SATA, M.2 SATA, mSATA, SATA Slim, SATA DOM, M.2 and U.2 PCIe NVMe modules, are designed for intensive workloads as well as cost-sensitive applications. With distinguished value-adds, such as data integrity, burn-in, industrial temperature and optimized firmware. Optional SafeDATA™ power loss data protection provides an even higher level of performance for data integrity and reliability.

• SMART’s DuraFlash BGA NVMe SSDs provide small embedded systems with fast access and reliable PCIe NVMe storage crafted for high-performance, light weight and mission-critical industrial applications.