2022 Market Outlook

Being one of the leading players in the memory industry, SMART Modular always stands at the frontline and reacts accordingly with the moves initiated by key players in different industrial-related segments. As 2022 has started, we would like to share some

SOSA Standard Taking Hold in Military Embedded Computing

The Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) seeks to ensure rapid upgrades and technology insertion, no vendor lock, and accommodation of existing standards BY Jamie Whitney
SMART Modular EDSFF Video

SMART EDSFF for Storage, Memory and Acceleration

EDSFF standard SFF-TA-1002, 1009 standardize the electrical and mechanical outline of devices. This ensures same server chassis can support combination of profiles from different vendors. Individual form-factor spec like 1006 and 1008 define power, therma
Ruggedized/Industrial Memory Video

Ruggedized/Industrial Memory Modules

SMART's I-temp screening process produces highly reliable modules and removes failures that occur during burn-in. SMART offers a wide range of industrial grade DDR3 and DDR4 modules designed to withstand extreme environments. These include SODIMMs, Mini-D
What Is Enterprise Memory?

Enterprise Memory

Enterprise Memory are modules that undergo a specialized and comprehensive screening process on custom Intel® server boards which ensures the highest reliability before modules are put into field service.
NVDIMM Benchmarking and Encryption video

NVDIMM Benchmarking and Encryption

SMART’s DDR4 NVDIMMs combine nonvolatile memory functionality with highspeed DDR4 DRAM technology. DDR4 NVDIMMs provide a persistent memory solution to significantly accelerate application performance in server and storage appliances.
SMTL Validation

SMTL Validation

SMART services the global HPC (High Performance Computing) and data center markets with only the highest quality DRAM available today. Because SMART manufactures memory modules for Tier-1 OEMS and DRAM suppliers, it is fully aware of the system-level, PC
GenZ Micro Dev Kit Demo

GenZ Micro Dev Kit Demo

MART Modular Technologies’ design engineer, Ramin Eshraghi, gives a functional demonstration on how the Gen-Z Development kit works with SMART Modular’s ZMM module. In the video. The Gen-Z development kit is designed to provide a portable, simulated data
Gen-Z micro kit part 2

Gen-Z Micro Dev Kit - Pt 2

SMART Modular Technologies solutions architect, Pekon Gupta, continues the exploration into the advantages and functionality of the Gen-Z Development kit for SMART Modular’s ZMM module. In this video, Gupta details the additional challenges and the benefi
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