SMART Modular Technologies Expands DuraMemory Portfolio with New DDR5 Very Low Profile ECC UDIMMs


Extended lineup of DDR5 VLP UDIMMs designed for 1U blade servers used in networking, compute and storage applications

NEWARK, Calif., October 12, 2022SMART Modular Technologies, Inc. (“SMART”), a division of SGH (Nasdaq: SGH) and a global leader in memory solutions, solid-state drives and hybrid storage products today announced the addition of new DDR5 16GB and 32GB Very Low Profile Error-Correction Code Unbuffered Dual In-Line Memory Modules (VLP ECC UDIMM) to its lineup of blade memory VLP module products.

SMART’s new DuraMemory™ DDR5 VLP ECC UDIMMs are designed for 1U blade servers and blade enclosure systems used in networking, telecom, compute and storage applications that are optimized to minimize space and power. DDR5 VLP ECC UDIMMs are designed to meet height, density, power, and performance specifications needed to enable the next generation of memory applications.

“With the new generation of DDR5 CPUs launching, providing a broad selection of DDR5 VLP modules for our customers helps them meet their needs for specialized blades used in Edge, IIoT and similar applications -- where data needs to be processed at its origin,” stated Arthur Sainio, director of product marketing for DRAM at SMART.

DDR5 modules provide an improved channel and power management architecture, run on less voltage, operate at higher speeds, and can scale to higher densities compared to DDR4. SMART’s VLP ECC UDIMM low profile (18.75 mm height) allows for vertical DIMM placement in 1U blades and saves board space. Its high density capability enables up to 384GB in 1U compute and storage-blade systems with 12 DIMM sockets. The module currently supports DDR5-4800 operation, while support for DDR5-5600 is under development.

In addition, SMART offers industrial temperature grade (-40° to +85°C) VLP ECC UDIMMs for 1U servers used in edge and other applications that need to operate reliably in extreme conditions. SMART also provides enhanced features, such as anti-sulfur resistors, underfill, conformal coating and retention clips to ensure reliable operation under all types of operating conditions.

SMART’s DDR5 16GB and 32GB VLP ECC UDIMM are now available. For technical specifications and how to order information, please visit the VLP UDIMM product page at

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