2022 Market Outlook


Being one of the leading players in the memory industry, SMART Modular always stands at the frontline and reacts accordingly with the moves initiated by key players in different industrial-related segments. As 2022 has started, here are some insights from different aspects of the industry: 

Driving Force for Memory Market

The need for more memory bandwidth will continue in 2022. Moreover, CXL-connected memory modules in various form factors such as E3.S, E1.S and PCIe AICs will start to be adopted and used for memory expansion and acceleration starting with data centers and computing applications. On the flipside, the segment of everyday consumer items shall also continue to increase, driving the demands for added semiconductor production capacity from small low-tech components (resister, capacitor etc.) to advanced microprocessor and memory products.

Future of the Supply Chain

The global supply chain has been undergoing numerous challenges for the past two years due to the pandemic. While the global economy is slowly resuming thanks to the vaccines, some bottlenecks, such as shipping congestion, appears not to be more slowly recovering to catch up with the soaring demands. The supply chain constraints will continue, especially in certain electronics/semiconductor segments, until the excessive supply/demand imbalance can be addressed or when all segments in the supply chain ramp up to pre-pandemic levels. 

Landscape of Industry Manufacturing

While new silicon designs like DPUs are making in-roads in a few segments, it is evident that the hardware cannot be sold independently without building an ecosystem of software to make it useful. Another observation is that there are opportunities for investment in lower tech electronics/semiconductor manufacturing where supply/demand imbalances exist. As lower tech components are essential for every single product, these suppliers need to optimize the production process for more efficient output to meet the driving demands in every aspect.

Looking ahead to 2022, AI, 5G, cloud/edge computing, will still remain on top of the trends involved with different and broader applications that require high speed computing efficiency and reliable storage capability. Given increasing demands for performance-driven applications, SMART Modular is committed to developing memory solutions adopting the latest DRAM and Flash technology to support customers catching up with business development opportunities with the trends.

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