The Open Compute Project Foundation (OCP) was founded to help accelerate innovation around open source hardware solutions for hyper-scaler data center environments.

OCP 1.0 & OCP 2.0

OCP has specified that SSDs be compliant to their NVMe Cloud SSD Specification v1.0[1], or the newer Datacenter NVMe SSD Specification v2.0[2]. Most conforming SSDs today are v1.0 compliant, with v2.0-compliant SSDs were available starting from late 2022 onwards. An OCP drive must be tested to a minimum standard that goes beyond the standard mandatory NVMe features, as well as specifying minimum reliability, thermal, endurance, management and form factor requirements. OCP specs may be found at




SMART's DC4800

The DC4800 SSDs are built to be compliant to v1.0 of the OCP NVMe standard. This compliance has been verified using industry standard OCP tools that test more than 300 different aspects of the standard to ensure the device meets OCP standards. These tests range from additional telemetry log implementation (with v2.0 of the standard adding device latency logging and alerts) to platform security requirements complying with modern server hardware root of trust (HRoT) schemes.

OCP Solution Provider

SMART Modular is listed as an OCP Solution Provider. The DC4800 Data Center SSD has been certified by OCP as an OCP INSPIRED product (