Because of their ability to generate profits, gaming machines are an important revenue generator for casinos and other establishments where gambling is permitted. Various electronic devices like slot machines, electronic roulette or other game stations require various complexities in memory and storage. Electronic gaming machines of all types are subjected to rough treatment, environmental factors like tobacco smoke and almost constant use. High reliability and security are also top concerns for gaming applications. Memory for these machines must be reliable, durable, encrypted, and secure against sudden power loss.

Challenges and Requirements

• Security is a major factor for gaming machines performing monetary transactions. It's imperative that the stored data is safeguarded with write-in protection to prevent possible hacking or theft.

• With gaming machines operating 24/7 with minimum downtime for maintenance, it is crucial to have a reliable system capable of delivering stable performance under intensive workloads. Gaming machines require a reliable solution so game playing isn’t interrupted.

• Gaming machines can be treated roughly by patrons and are often located in environments where smoking is permitted. It’s essential that the gaming machine memory, as well as other components, are durable enough to ensure that data is not damaged due to any sudden power loss or other situations.

SMART Modular Solutions

• SMART Modular's DuraFlash 3D NAND SSDs, including 2.5" SATA, M.2 SATA, mSATA, SATA Slim, M.2 and U.2 PCIe NVMe modules are designed for advanced applications that require stability, longevity and safety. Featuring consistent performance to meet the demands on intensive workloads, SMART Modular's DuraFlash™ SSD ME series come with the value-added features of data integrity, burn-in, industrial temperature, conformal coating, and optimized firmware for gaming applications. Optional SafeData™ power loss data protection provides the next level in data integrity and reliability.

• SMART Modular’s DuraFlash Compact Flash (CF), CFast, SD and microSD cards come with on-board error detection and correction algorithms and static and dynamic wear-leveling techniques for reliable operation in industrial-grade operating temperatures. Specifically, SMART Modular's CF card is designed to reduce field failures and unscheduled service maintenance.

• SMART Modular's industrial-grade memory modules undergo stringent testing and deliver differentiated value such as high reliability and ruggedized features like 30μin gold-coated contact, underfill, conformal coating for high durability and reliability. Industrial-grade modules are offered in registered and unbuffered, and ECC or non-ECC configurations in various form factors: LRDIMM, RDIMM, UDIMM, SO-DIMM, Mini-DIMM, XRDIMM and MIP.