Aerospace employs some of the newest and most sophisticated computing technologies. Every single system in aerospace applications demands exceptional accuracy, stability and reliability in terms of performance. Whether it’s a commercial airliner, military helicopter, jet fighter or space shuttle, all require synchronous computing abilities for immediate access, transmission from air to ground, and historical storage information. Whatever the application, aerospace requires stable and reliable performance for maintaining safety and success.

Challenges and Requirements

• During a flight, a single error in data processing, access or transmission can cause serious consequences. Memory in these applications requires the highest standard for ensuring solid and stable performance.

• Many applications in the aerospace industry occur in harsh environment where extreme high and low temperatures may be the norm. As a result, it’s crucial that systems in aerospace application are robust and maintain stability under a variety of scenarios.

• Because of their demanding operations, maintenance of aircraft and other aerospace-related systems are critical to success. Stable and reliable memory is a key factor in defense and aerospace applications.

SMART Modular Solutions

• SMART's DuraMemory DRAM offer a variety of form factors, including SO-DIMM, Module-in-a-Package (MIP), VLP DIMM, RDIMM/LRDIMM and VLP/ULP Mini-DIMM for aerospace applications built to withstand severe aerospace environments. SMART Modular DRAM undergoes rigorous testing and is specifically enhanced for protection under extreme temperatures, vibration, moisture, and other exposures. Features such as 30μin gold-coated contacts, underfill, conformal coating and anti-sulfur resistors provide reliability.

• SMART RUGGED SSDs are specifically designed and optimized for aerospace applications. The 2.5" SATA SSDs include T5E, S5E, M4, M4P, and M1HC versions, among others, deliver high performance, superior reliability and data security into single ruggedized designs.

• SMART Modular's DuraFlash 3D NAND SSD ME series, M.2 2280 SATA for example, are designed as embedded solutions for defense applications. With high endurance (DWPD 0.3 or 1), power loss protection and wide temperature operation capability, data in defense application is secured stored.