Industrial Memory Designed for Extreme Environments

What is Industrial Memory?

SMART's industrial modules pass through a rigorous temperature screening test process ranging from -40°C to +85°C. Additionally, non-standard industrial grade temperatures ranging from -50°C ambient temperature to +105°C ambient temperature can be supported. SMART's I-temp screening process produces highly reliable modules and removes failures that occur during burn-in. SMART offers a wide range of industrial grade DDR3 and DDR4 modules designed to withstand extreme environments. These include SO-DIMMs, Mini-DIMMs, RDIMMs, UDIMMs, and XR-DIMMs.

How Industrial Memory Testing Works

Most types of DRAM failures occur in systems at high temperatures. SMART's 85°C ambient testing of its industrial modules is similar to the system level burn-in process. SMART runs System Level Testing on complete modules at Industrial Temperatures to insure reliable hot and cold operation. All testing duration for industrial modules varies - depending on density.

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