Increased Data Center Efficiency with PowerSage®

What is EcoMemory?

EcoMemory is power efficient memory for data centers developed by SMART. It aids in lowering energy costs, reducing thermal constraints, and increasing reliability for data center server clusters by directly integrating an advanced PowerSage® power management chip onto the memory module.

DDR4 EcoMemory module

SMART's DDR4 and DDR3 EcoMemory is a direct replacement for standard RDIMM memory modules. No special BIOS or drivers are required. The intelligent management of power during DRAM memory operations can produce significant energy savings depending on customers' usage model.

How it Works:

Features and Benefits:

DDR4 EcoMemory Adapter

Turn Your Current Standard RDIMM into EcoMemory Modules

Another option is the EcoMemory Adapter, which contains all the power saving circuity of EcoMemory without the DIMM. The adapter turns your current standard RDIMM into an EcoMemory module.

EcoMemory Adapter

EcoMemory DAQ Kit List:

Why EcoMemory for Data Centers?

EcoMemory for data servers

Only six to twelve percent of the power consumed by servers in an average data center is used to perform calculations. The rest is wasted on idle servers in standby mode. EcoMemory allows data centers to reduce and save power so servers can operate at maximum energy efficiency.

Targeted Applications: