Hyperscaler, Hyper-converged, Enterprise, and Edge Storage

SMART’s next-generation PCIe NVMe Data Center SSDs keep hyperscaler, hyper-converged, enterprise, and edge data centers running faster and cooler to consistently meet your most stringent SLAs. At the heart of SMART’s PCIe NVMe Data Center SSDs is an innovative SSD architecture that delivers ultra-low and consistent latency, and virtually eliminates thermal throttling issues to keep your data center running at peak performance.

Peak Performance

SMART’s Data Center SSDs run full-throttle for maximum throughput.

Consistent Latency for Superior Quality of Service

SMART's Data Center SSDs have consistent, low latency for superior Quality of Service (QoS) at seven 9’s (99.99999%), up to 9x better long tail latency performance than most industry leading SSDs shipping today (QD=1, 70R/30W, random workload).

Run Faster, Longer

SMART’s hardware-accelerated SSDs are designed to virtually eliminate thermal throttling.

Low Power

SMART’s low power architecture keeps the SSDs running cool. SMART’S Data Center SSDs reduce active power consumption by up to 30% when compared to market leaders. Our SSDs not only save energy, reducing OpEx, but generate less heat, minimizing throttling.

Enterprise Features

SMART's Data Center SSDs are feature-rich to support a diverse range of hyperscaler, hyper-converged, enterprise, and edge data center storage applications, including software defined storage, storage appliances, and storage disk arrays.

OCP Solution Provider

SMART Modular is listed as an OCP Solution Provider. The DC4800 Data Center SSD has been certified by OCP as an OCP INSPIRED product (https://bit.ly/45PLgtI).

Form Factors

SMART’s Data Center SSDs are available in popular form factors, E1.S and U.2. Gen4 comes in capacities of 2TB through 8TB. Gen4 comes in Open Compute Project (OCP) PCIe NVMe cloud SSD specifications.

Product Family

Consult with your local SMART Representative for availability.

● Open Compute Project (OCP) 1.0 Compliant

● High Performance, Low Power Architecture

● Latency QoS up to 99.99999%

● Advanced Error Detection and Correction

● Advanced Security and Encryption

● End-to-End Data and Power Loss Protection