SMART Modular Announces NVDIMMs with Encryption for High Security Applications

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NEWARK, CA, August 8, 2017SMART Modular Technologies, a subsidiary of SMART Global Holdings, Inc., (NASDAQ: SGH), and a leader in specialty memory, storage and hybrid solutions including memory modules, Flash memory cards and other solid state storage products, today announced that its DDR4 NVDIMMs are now available with encryption. With the addition of encryption, SMART’s NVDIMMs are ideally suited for financial and other data-sensitive applications where protecting data on the NVDIMM is critical.

SMART's NVDIMMs with encryption use the AES-XTS 256 standard (Advanced Encryption Standard) developed by the IEEE. AES is used to encrypt top secret data at government agencies, banks and other organizations around the world and is regarded as one of the strongest encryption methods available. In the event of a system power loss, in-flight data is written from the DRAM and stored to the Flash on the NVDIMM. That data will now be encrypted for added security. If the NVDIMM is removed from the system before power is restored to the system, the data stored on the NVDIMMs Flash devices is protected.

Each time an application using NVDIMMs is turned on, a key is supplied by the host system during POST (Power-On Self-Test) through the I2C interface to support backup with encryption. The key is only kept in the NVDIMM in volatile memory and must be re-supplied to the NVDIMM during POST, prior to a restore operation. AES-XTS encryption may be enabled or disabled through an NVDIMM I2C register.

NVDIMMs continue to be widely adopted in the industry and are being leveraged for application acceleration. SMART’s NVDIMMs with encryption provide the highest level of security and protection for end customer data and can be used in servers that support financial trading, online ordering and other similar applications where critical information is exchanged.

SMART offers a full lineup of NVDIMM-N’swith encryption from 8GB to 32GB and speeds up to DDR4-2666. They are supported by a wide range of server and storage platforms from Intel®, Supermicro®, Tyan®, AIC, and many others.

SMART Modular Technologies will be highlighting the NVDIMM with encryption in their booth, #627, at the 2017 Flash Memory Summit, Aug 8–10 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

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