SMART Modular Technologies Selects SandForce™ Processor for Enterprise-Class Solid-State Drives

Industry-leading processor enables multi-level cell technology in next-generation XceedIOPS SATA solid-state drives

NEWARK, CA, September 22, 2009—SMART Modular Technologies (WWH), Inc. (“SMART” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: SMOD), a leading independent manufacturer of memory modules, solid-state drives, embedded computing subsystems, and TFT-LCD display products, today announced it has selected the SandForce SF-1500 solid-state drive (SSD) processor for use in its next-generation enterprise-class XceedIOPS SATA SSDs.

The SF-1500 SSD processor enables industry-leading SSD performance, high reliability, and use of cost-effective multi-level cell (MLC) technology in enterprise storage systems. SSDs using SF-1500 SSD processors can sustain peak performance while consuming less than 2.5W, making them well suited for use in power-conscious datacenter applications.

“IT managers continue to seek ways to improve performance and total cost of ownership, without sacrificing system reliability and integrity,” said Jeff Janukowicz, Research Manager, Hard Disk Drive Components and Solid State Drives at IDC. “Processors, like the SF-1500, are expected to enable the effective use of MLC NAND technology in the enterprise without sacrificing performance and reliability, thereby lowering the cost of solid-state storage. As the price gap between enterprise-class hard disk drives and MLC-based SSDs narrows, SSDs, such as SMART’s XceedIOPS SSD, can help to reduce the total cost of ownership and accelerate the adoption of SSD technology in the enterprise.”

IDC expects worldwide shipments of SSDs in the enterprise market to exceed 4.4 million units in 2013, representing a CAGR of 154% from 2008-2013. (IDC, Worldwide Solid State Drive 2009–2013 Forecast and Analysis, Doc # 218553, June 2009). "As this market continues to grow, SMART remains committed to providing the best storage solutions for our customers," said Alan Gulachenski, SMART’s Vice President of Advanced Memory Solutions. "We are pleased to be implementing the SandForce SF-1500 SSD processor in our next-generation XceedIOPS SATA SSDs. It offers us impressive performance and low power consumption benefits as well as the opportunity to pass on the cost-benefits of MLC technology to our customers."

Featuring a SATA-II host interface connecting up to 512GB of MLC NAND flash memory, the SF-1500 SSD processor delivers up to 30K IOPS (random 4K read or write transfers), and up to 260MB/s (sequential 128KB read or write transfers) with 100┬Ás latency. Unique DuraWrite™ technology enables peak performance throughout the life of the drive by optimizing the endurance of the SSD. The SF-1500 SSD processor also features DuraClass™ technology which combines powerful wear leveling, error correction, and RAISE™ (Redundant Array of Independent Silicon Elements) to guarantee high reliability and data integrity.

“Considering SMART’s longstanding history as a memory and storage solutions provider to Tier-1 OEMs, we are excited to support them as an early adopter of our technology,” said Steffen Hellmold, Vice President Business Development for SandForce. “We expect that our SF-1500 SSD processor will bring tangible competitive advantages to SMART’s new SSD product offering.”

SMART XceedIOPS SATA SSDs that include the SandForce SF-1500 SSD processor will be sampling in both 1.8” and 2.5” form factors later this year. For more information about SMART’s products, visit

SMART Modular Technologies is a leading provider of memory products, offering more than 500 standard and custom products to top-tier OEMs in the computer, industrial, networking, and telecommunications sectors. Taking innovations from the design stage through manufacturing and delivery, SMART has developed a comprehensive memory product line that includes DRAM, SRAM, and Flash in various form factors. Under its Adtron brand, SMART also offers high performance, high capacity solid-state drives for enterprise, defense/aerospace, industrial automation, medical, and transportation markets. SMART's Display and Embedded Products Group designs, manufactures and sells thin film transistors (TFT) liquid crystal display (LCD) solutions to customers developing casino gaming systems as well as embedded applications such as kiosk, ATM, point-of-service, and industrial control systems. SMART's presence in the US, Europe, Asia, and Latin America enables it to provide its customers with proven expertise in international logistics, asset management, and supply-chain management worldwide. More information on SMART may be obtained at

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SandForce is transforming data storage by pioneering the use of commodity flash memory in enterprise and client computing applications with its innovative SSD (Solid State Drive) Processors. By delivering unprecedented reliability, performance, and energy efficiency, SSDs based on patent-pending SandForce DuraClass technology unleash the full potential for mass-market adoption of SSDs using NAND flash memory. Founded in 2006, SandForce is funded by leading venture capital investors and first tier storage companies. For more information, visit SandForce at

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