SMART Modular Announces New Memory Solutions for Data Center Networking Applications


NEWARK, Calif., March 31, 2021— SMART Modular Technologies, a subsidiary ofSMART Global Holdings, Inc., (Nasdaq: SGH), has expanded its support for data center networking applications with the introduction of DuraMemory high-density, very low profile DIMMs and Mini-DIMMs for hyperscale network switching. These products are ideal for maximizing network bandwidth and reliability, which is critical to data center networking requirements.


Network memory dictates the amount of data stored or transferred in switching and routing equipment. Low density as well as poor quality memory can disrupt the performance of a network by acting as a bottleneck to data transfer. The rating and attributes of memory can also greatly affect data center network’s overall efficiency. 


Propriety data center networking equipment, such as Network Interface Cards (NICs), routers and switches have become highly specialized. Very dense compact equipment is being developed, and as 5G rollouts continue, a shift in network design is critical to support 5G service capabilities. Memory features contained in SMART Modular’s new DuraMemory low profile DIMMs and Mini-DIMMs, which include ultra-low latency and high capacities, enable various networks to connect multiple devices and systems into one, seamless and automated complete system. 


SMART Modular’s high density DuraMemory VLP or ULP DIMMs and Mini-DIMMs are also used in hyperscale data center networking applications to maximize data center connectivity and throughput. “We see tremendous opportunity in providing our customers with exact-fit networking memory solutions to support all types of data center networking equipment,” stated Arthur Sainio, Director, product marketing for DRAM for SMART Modular Technologies. He concluded, “SMART Modular maintains the highest quality levels to support customers’ mission-critical use-case requirements.” 


Key benefits SMART Modular provides to data center networking equipment OEMs: 

  • End-to-end portfolio of memory products aligned to data center networking requirements
  • Data center networking memory design expertise and support
  • Long-term product support to OEMs to ensure equipment longevity and serviceability


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About SMART Modular Technologies, Inc. 

Serving the specialty memory industry for more than 30 years, SMART Modular is a global leader in memory modules, solid-state storage products and high-performance computing. Critical to electronic devices, SMART Modular has developed a comprehensive product line comprised of DRAM, hybrid memory, Flash and storage technologies across various form factors that are available in standard, custom and ruggedized versions where high performance and high capacity are critical. 

SMART Modular collaborates closely with its global OEM customers with a strong focus on extensive customer-specific designs, technical support and value-added testing services. Throughout the design process and across multiple platforms, SMART Modular creates solutions for demanding applications with differentiated requirements.

SMART Modular is a pioneer in secure, ruggedized solid-state drives (SSDs). Additional attributes such as encryption, secure data elimination and write-protect features are incorporated providing highly secure storage for military, aerospace and industrial markets.

*DuraMemory is a trademark of SMART Modular Technologies, Inc. 


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