Advanced Memory - SMART Modular

SMART Advanced Memory

As a contribution member of several industry-leading consortiums, SMART continually strives to be on the vanguard of emerging an trending technologies to serve our customers' needs now and in the future.
Persistent Memory - NVDIMM - SMART Modular

Persistent Memory - NVDIMM

DDR4 NVDIMM have unique performance benefits of low-latency and high performance. They also feature the near infinite endurance of DRAM with fast recovery in case of system power loss.
ZMM (Gen-Z Memory Module) - SMART Modular

ZMM (Gen-Z Memory Module)

SMART Modular Technologies' Gen-Z scalable computing interconnect protocol provides a simplified interface based on memory semantics and is designed to handle advance workloads, enabling data centric computing with scalable memory pools and resources for
DDR4 Differential DIMM (DDIMM) - SMART Modular

DDR4 Differential DIMM (DDIMM)

SMART's DDR4 Differential DIMM (DDIMM) is a leading-edge transformative memory module that enables a data throughput rate of 25.6GB/s with a latency of 40ns and densities up to 256GB. The new 84-pin DDR4 DDIMM is intended for use in standard server enviro
CXL High-Speed CPU Interconnect - SMART Modular

CXL High-Speed CPU Interconnect

CXL™ is an industry standard, open protocol for high speed and low latency communications between host accelerator, which are increasingly used in emerging applications, such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
CCIX: Low Latency, Coherent Interconnect  - SMART Modular

CCIX: Low Latency, Coherent Interconnect

CCIX (Cache Coherent Interconnect for Accelerators) is the interconnect protocol which enables low-latency accesses to memory and devices sitting across the PCIe bus. CCIX implementations are available with system support from hardware manufacturers, and
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