SMART Modular Supporting DDR4 NVDIMMs with New JEDEC I2C Command Protocol

NEWARK, CA, January 18, 2016 —SMART Modular Technologies, Inc., a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of specialty memory and storage solutions, including memory modules, Flash memory cards and other memory and solid state storage products, announces today the availability of its DDR4 NVDIMMs with the newly adopted JEDEC I2C command protocol.  The JEDEC command protocol provides a standardized method for communication between host systems and NVDIMMs.  The transition from a non-standardized (or legacy command set) to a standardized command set allows NVDIMM interoperability, while improving system integration.

SMART has been actively contributing to the standardization of NVDIMMs within JEDEC's Hybrid DIMM task group (JC45.6) for many years. Utilizing SMART's product offering, OEMs can take advantage of the benefits which NVDIMMs provide knowing that they are backed by an industry standardization process helping to enable the ecosystem.

Persistent memory in the form of DDR4 NVDIMMs is one solution being used to improve system performance and reduce bottlenecks in high-availability, high-reliability server and storage applications. Hot data can be stored within portions of high-speed DRAM memory that is made persistent by the use of Flash on the NVDIMMs thereby decreasing latency and improving overall system performance.

SMART has worked hand-in-hand with industry enablers such as Intel® and others on NVDIMM system integration, MRC (Memory Reference Code) support, and I2C command set standardization. Current DDR4 Intel platforms require a BIOS implementation that is specific to an NVDIMM vendor's command set while high-level commands are common. SMART has co-developed DDR4 NVDIMM support for the JEDEC I2C command set with Microsoft® and Intel that allows NVDIMM interoperability on next-generation Intel server and storage platforms.

SMART offers a wide lineup of DDR4 NVDIMMs from 4GB to 16GB that support either the JEDEC command set or the legacy command set depending on the platform and customer preference. The Legacy I2C register interface (which includes SMART NVDIMMs) is supported for Intel Xeon® E5-2600 V3 and Intel 5th Generation Core® MRCs. The JEDEC NVDIMM register interface will be supported by the Purley/Skylake MRC release.

SMART is assisting customers in adopting NVDIMMs by providing a software package which demonstrates the functionality of NVDIMMs on enabled SUPERMICRO® and Intel systems. The software includes the Linux® 4.3.1 operating system which recently added native support for NVDIMM memory accessed through/dev/pmem device files.

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