Enterprise Memory™
The Highest Quality, Most Reliable Memory Available

What is Enterprise Memory?

Enterprise Memory are modules that undergo a specialized and comprehensive screening process on custom Intel® server boards which ensures the highest reliability before modules are put into field service; this is more commonly known as "burn-in." After seven years, SMART continues to refine its proprietary enterprise, or burn-in testing process. Enterprise Memory modules are tested for temperature, speed, load, and environmental and electrical stresses to duplicate strenuous usage in an enterprise environment.

Submitting Enterprise Memory modules to burn-in testing identifies high reliability modules and eliminates flaws before full run production. The Enterprise testing process reduces the need for module replacement, potential downtimes or maintenance occurrences, and extends product life cycles of its customer products.

With its Enterprise Memory process, SMART currently achieves the lowest DDPM in the industry rate at ~200 DPPM. Acceptable industry DDPM rates average from 2,000 DPPM to 5,000 DPPM. SMART's DPPM is 90% lower than other companies providing Enterprise Memory to their customers.

Targeted Applications:

Benefits to Customers with Burn-In:

Failed DIMM Cost Factors:

Saves up to 10 hours of resources per system, including:

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Triple Stress Testing

Utilizing a SMART proprietary Ultra-Reliability Test (URT) burn-in process, modules undergo triple stress testing.

What Testing Does: