Removable - microSD Card MLC and SLC Products

SMART produces a wide variety of DRAM memory, flash-based storage, sentry security modules, and embedded computer storage products for both legacy and custom user needs. For more information regarding how SMART can fill your product needs, please fill out this form and a SMART representative will contact you. Thank you.

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Part Number Removable Cards Product Sub Class Density Op Temp
SS9UD064GPHECMC21 microSD Card MLC 64GB C
SS9UD064GPHECMI21 microSD Card MLC 64GB I
SS9UD032GPHECMC21 microSD Card MLC 32GB C
SS9UD032GPHECMI21 microSD Card MLC 32GB I
SS9UD016GPHECMC21 microSD Card MLC 16GB C
SS9UD016GPHECMI21 microSD Card MLC 16GB I
SS9UD008GPHECMC21 microSD Card MLC 8GB C
SS9UD008GPHECMI21 microSD Card MLC 8GB I
SH9UD004GPHF9SE11 microSD Card SLC 4GB E
SH9UD004GPHF9SI11 microSD Card SLC 4GB I
SH9UD002GPHF9SE11 microSD Card SLC 2GB E
SH9UD002GPHF9SI11 microSD Card SLC 2GB I
SH9UD001GPHF9SE11 microSD Card SLC 1GB E
SH9UD001GPHF9SI11 microSD Card SLC 1GB I
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