DRAM - DDR4 - MIP - STT5126MP451693ME


Density: 4GB
Module Type: MIP
RoHS: Yes
Depth: 512Mb
Width: x64
Voltage: 1.2V
Pin Count: 216-Pin
Data Rate: 2666MT/s
Speed: PC4-21300
Comp Config: 512Mx16
CL: CL = 19
Prod Family: DRAM


SMART’s new MIP, Module in a Package, is a tiny form factor memory module that combines the benefits of industry standard SO-DIMMs with the SMART proprietary stacking technology. About the size of a nickel, MIP occupies one-fifth the area of a SO-DIMM while offering higher performance with lower power. These benefits are critical for applications such as broadcast video, mobile routing, high-end video and graphics cards and embedded computing applications where memory density in a small space is essential. MIPs contain on-package address and control signal termination, eliminating the need in DRAM-down board usage scenarios. SMART supports all its modular memory with exemplary customer service and support.

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