DRAM - DDR2 - SORDIMM - SS2567SR212852MM


Density: 2GB
Module Type: SORDIMM
RoHS: Yes
Depth: 256Mb
Width: x72
Voltage: 1.8V
Pin Count: 200-Pin
Data Rate: 667MT/s
Speed: PC2-5300
Comp Config: 128Mx8
CL: CL = 5
Prod Family: DRAM


SMART offers SODIMM, or small outline dual in-line memory module, memory built using integrated circuits. SODIMMs provide a smaller alternative to a standard DIMM, roughly half the size of regular DIMM module. SODIMM ECC has error correction code built in, which detects and corrects common kinds of internal data corruption. SODIMM is often used in systems that have limited space, such as notebooks, small-footprint personal computers, high-end upgradable office printers, and networking hardware, such as routers. SMART supports all its modular memory with exemplary customer service and support.

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