DRAM - DDR3 - XRDIMM - SPI1027XV351816SE


Density: 8GB
Module Type: XRDIMM
RoHS: Yes
Depth: 1Gb
Width: x72
Voltage: 1.35V
Pin Count: 240-Pin
Data Rate: 1600MT/s
Speed: PC3-12800
Comp Config: 512Mx8
CL: CL = 11
Prod Family: DRAM


The XRDIMM is specifically designed for ruggedized, single board computing applications requiring high reliability, high density and high performance. SMART XRDIMM solves the space constraint issue for advanced memory card form factors. With traditional SO-DIMMs mounted horizontally, the clips from the SO-DIMM socket violate the keep-out areas of the card and interfere with the system chassis when the card is removed. The XRDIMM uses a low-profile, snap-down mezzanine connector with no clips. The XRDIMM form factor provides a ruggedized attach method as well as improved signal integrity that is ideal for various embedded computing applications. SMART supports all its modular memory with exemplary customer service and support.

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