DRAM - DDR2 - RDIMM - SH1287RD212851SJ


Density: 1GB
Module Type: RDIMM
RoHS: Yes
Depth: 128Mb
Width: x72
Voltage: 1.8V
Pin Count: 240-Pin
Data Rate: 800MT/s
Speed: PC2-6400
Comp Config: 128Mx8
CL: CL = 5
Prod Family: DRAM


SMART offers RDIMM which uses a hardware register that buffers the control signals, and not the application data, to the modules. The buffering adds a clock cycle and uses more power, but handles the heavier electrical loads placed on high-speed, high-density memory modules better than the traditional DIMM, or unbuffered DIMM). When two or more DIMMs are used per memory channel, RDIMMs typically provide greater performance. SMART supports all its modular memory with exemplary customer service and support.

Consult with a SMART sales professional about RDIMM.