SMART Product Lines

SMART Modular Technologies' Product Lines

Industrial-grade memory modules content division Removable flash memory products content division Embedded flash-based storage content division Embedded flash-based storage
DRAM Modules Removable/Cards Embedded eMMC
Available in registered, unbuffered, and ECC configurations, SMART's DRAM memory modules use technologies from DDR4 to legacy FPM and EDO and are available in form factors that include standard height and very low profile DIMMs, SO-DIMMs, NVDIMMs and mini-DIMMs.
SMART designs and manufactures removable flash memory products in a wide variety of form factors including CF, PC Card and Key Drives, that utilize ATA, Linear and USB technologies.
SMART offers industrial-grade embedded flash-based products including eUSB, iSATA, uSATA, mini-IDE drive form factors equipped with SATA, USB and PATA interfaces.
SMART's eMMC Product Family is an embedded memory solution that combines NAND Flash Memory, an embedded MMC (MultiMediaCard) controller, and advanced Firmware in a small BGA package that provides a stable yet cost effective high-density embedded storage.

SMART Modular Technologies is a leading international manufacturer of memory modules and embedded/removable storage solutions for OEMs in today's fastest growing application markets around the world. SMART's comprehensive lines of DRAM memory modules, removable flash memory products, embedded storage solutions satisfy a broad range of applications.

SMART excels in designing, manufacturing, testing and rapidly delivering legacy and custom computer component technologies to top-tier OEMs around the world.

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