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SMART's Embedded USB (eUSB) Flash drive is USB 3.0 compliant and is designed as the main boot and storage device in embedded systems. Available with various connector options, SMART's commercial and industrial grade eUSB Flash drives are offered in 3.3V or 5V versions in densities up to 32GB.

The eUSB's small form factor, lower power consumption, and fast access times offer distinct technical advantages over more traditional mass storage devices. Applications include single board computing for defense, telecom, networking, ATCA compute blades, general networking, and standard server applications.

eUSB USB 2.0 SLC (Q)
eUSB, 1GB - 32GB, SLC

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eUSB 3.0, 4GB - 32GB, SLC

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pdf file Embedded and Removable Products Brochure 1.3MB - PDF
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