nvNITRO™ Accelerator Card

The new nvNITRO Accelerator Card is a revolutionary MRAM based SSD that has the high speed and high endurance of DRAMs combined with the non-volatility of Flash all without the need for power backup. This product can be used for metadata caching and for storage acceleration applications where power-fail-safe data are needed.

SMART's new nvNITRO Accelerator Card product is the first in an emerging lineup of MRAM-based persistent memory products. The performance of this product series will enable users to design and build deeper content with larger data sets, textures or assets. SMART Modular Technologies is a member of NVM Express.

Benefits & Features




Form Factor PCle HHHL (Half-Height/Half-Length)
Interface PCle Gen3 x8
Capacity 1GB
Protocol/Access Modes NVME 1.1+, Direct MemoryAccess (IOPEM, DAX, PCle, MMIO)
Performance IOPs (R/W) (4K random R/W) 1.5M/1.5M (x8 PCle)
Latency (R/W) QD = 1 6.26µs (Read)/7.22µs (Write)
Customer Defined Features Customers may optionally program onboard FPGA with their own RTL to extend features/functions
Endurance Unlimited uniform endurance