Gen-Z NVRAM Media Controller Demo Card

Catch the Gen-Z product demo in Booth #627 at FMS 2018

SMART Modular Technologies' Gen-Z evaluation board uses a new scalable computing interconnect protocol with high bandwidth and low latency that provides a simplified interface based on memory semantics. It is scalable from ten to several hundred GB/s of bandwidth. The Gen-Z protocol is designed to handle advance workloads, enabling data centric computing with scalable memory pools and resources for real-time analytics and in-memory applications.

Features and Benefits


Gen-Z MVRAM Controller Card

Why the Gen-Z?

Product Description

PCIe HHHL (Half Height Half Length) form factor for demo
768GB NAND Flash + 16GB DRAM
Persistent, high speed, high bandwidth, low latency
NVME 1.1+, Direct MemoryAccess (IOPEM, DAX, PCle, MMIO)
Using Bridge chip from IntelliProp
64GB/s data transfer rate <100ns latency