SMART Modular Hits Milestone with Over 1 Million Enterprise Memoryâ„¢ Modules Shipped

NEWARK, CA, October 4, 2016 — SMART Modular Technologies, Inc., a leader in specialty memory, storage and hybrid solutions including memory modules, Flash memory cards and other solid state storage products, today announced that it has surpassed shipments of more than one million of its enterprise grade memory modules known as Enterprise Memory. With these modules, SMART has attained an unprecedented reliability of sub-two hundred DPPM (Defective Parts Per Million) for DDR3 and DDR4 DIMMs.

SMART's exceptionally low DPPM rate was obtained utilizing a proprietary Ultra-Reliability Test (URT) burn-in process developed in SMART's High Performance Computing lab. Every Enterprise Memory module undergoes a rigorous triple-stress process entailing hours of burn-in at high speed operation and running custom software at 99% DRAM utilization. The company has scaled its customized test equipment to support high volume production of its Enterprise Memory.

SMART continuously monitors and profiles new DRAM die technology to accurately capture and remove any latent defects before shipping. And its Enterprise Memory sub-two hundred DPPM rate has been confirmed from more than seven years of field data gathered from deployed systems. Each Enterprise Memory module is tracked over its lifetime usage.

As DRAM bandwidth, density, and process steps escalate, and geometries decrease (<20nm), stringent testing for critical applications in data centers becomes an increasing requirement. "The elimination of DRAM errors is important in data centers because a large portion of hardware failures are caused by faulty DRAM. Error Correcting Code (ECC) can usually detect and correct a small number of errors but even then a hit to system performance may occur. If several errors occur at once, the ECC system will be overwhelmed and a computer outage will occur." 1

Memory reliability is a defining characteristic for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) server and storage equipment. SMART's Enterprise Memory help OEMs improve their product reputation for high reliability while reducing service and overhead costs. As data centers continue to grow and use more memory, SMART is able to support its customers with the highest quality enterprise grade memory.

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1 - Living with DRAM Failures, Roger Graves Jan. 26, 2016


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