SMART Modular Sampling DDR4 NVDIMMs with SafeStor™ Technology

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NEWARK, CA, December 2, 2014 — SMART Modular Technologies, Inc., a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of specialty memory and storage solutions, including memory modules, flash memory cards and other memory and solid state storage products, has announced today that its DDR4 4GB NVDIMMs are now available for sampling. SMART's full lineup of DDR4 NVDIMMs includes two configurations; a single rank eight bit in 4GB and 8GB densities, and a single rank four bit configuration in 8GB and 16GB densities. The additional 8GB and 16GB densities will be available for sampling in Q1'15.

Building on its focus to provide persistent memory solutions to its customers, SMART's new NVDIMMs are enhanced with SMART's proprietary SafeStor technology. SafeStor supports the engine which initiates backup and restore operations upon command from the host controller as well as manages the NAND Flash interface. The SafeStor engine employs multi-channel fast NAND and high-speed switching circuitry to provide robust backup and restore capability, all while functioning as a JEDEC standard DDR4 RDIMM during normal operation. Temporary power is provided to the NVDIMM during a sudden power loss (SPL) event by a hybrid supercap module, which can be tailored to individual application environments. SMART's expanded lineup of NVDIMMs features end-to-end error checking and correction capabilities to ensure a high level of data integrity during backup and restore operations.

NVDIMMs offer performance, latency and data security benefits for a wide range of enterprise storage applications. SMART's DDR4 JEDEC-compliant NVDIMMs can be used in servers to store metadata in memory for application acceleration, check-pointing state for fast sync and restore, and host caching. In storage applications SMART's NVDIMMs are ideal for storing write data for reduced write latency, for fast RAID computation as a block device and as an SSD mapping table.

According to Transparency Market Research, the NVDIMM market is expected to reach US $570.12 million by 2020, growing at a CAGR of 139.8% over the forecast period from 2014 to 2020 all of which is being fueled by the growing demand in data centers and enterprise storage applications. OEMs are increasingly recognizing the value that NVDIMMs bring to server and storage applications. The growing adoption of NVDIMMs in the industry today is being driven by organizations such as JEDEC and SNIA, and SMART is a supporting member to both. Adoption growth is also driven by a wide range of OEMs such and Intel®, Supermicro® and others who see the benefits of combining DRAM and Flash in a standard DDR4 DIMM socket to deliver a persistent memory solution.

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