SMART Modular Announces M.2 SATA with SafeDATA™ Technology

SafeDATA technology safeguards in-flight data during sudden power loss (SPL) events.

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NEWARK, CA, November 11, 2014 — SMART Modular Technologies, Inc., a global leader in specialty memory solutions, today announced its M.2 SATA XR+ product family equipped with SafeDATA™ power loss protection technology. These new NAND Flash memory based solid-state drives (SSDs) are SATA-III compliant and are optimized specifically for high-reliability in networking, telecom and industrial applications.

Available from 32GB to 512GB in an M.2 double-sided, 22mm x 80mm form factor, SMART's M.2 SATA XR+ products are manufactured to stringent specifications of tier 1 OEMs. Like other SMART SATA SSD products, the M.2 SATA XR+ product offers enterprise S.M.A.R.T. attributes and features that help to monitor many aspects of the drive's health. The M.2 SATA XR+ product also offers compelling performance with sequential read and write speeds up to 540 Mbytes/sec and 320 Mbytes/sec, respectively. Native Command Queuing (NCQ) and internal data cache are functionality built into the SATA protocol to enable high performance.

SMART's new M.2 products come with proprietary SafeDATA technology, which combines unique power loss detection and hold-up circuitries with an advanced controller firmware algorithm to flush in-flight data from volatile cache to NAND Flash memory in order to safeguard data against corruption and/or loss during an SPL event. SafeDATA technology can prevent many system issues including as OS corruption. Mission critical applications can benefit from SMART's SafeDATA technology to ensure an SPL event does not cause system failure or loss of user data.

"SafeDATA technology addresses a growing need in applications where every piece of data is crucial and data loss cannot be allowed," said Mike McClimans, Sr. Director of SMART's Flash Product Line. "SMART is proud to introduce a line of M.2 SATA products designed for the specific needs of our OEM customers. In choosing SMART's M.2 SATA XR+ product with SafeDATA technology, customers can rest assured that their data is safe in mission critical applications."

SMART's M.2 SATA XR+ with SafeDATA technology is available for customer sampling now, with volume production in Q1 2015. For additional information on SMART's M.2 SATA XR+ product, visit

SMART will be showcasing its M.2 SSD with SafeDATA technology at Electronica 2014 being held in Munich, Germany, November 11-14, 2014. Demonstrations can be seen during the exhibition at SMART's booth, Hall A6, Stand 135.

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