SMART Modular Announces Sample Shipments of DDR4 Memory Modules

NEWARK, CA, June 26, 2014 — SMART Modular Technologies, Inc., a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of specialty memory and storage solutions, including memory modules, flash memory cards and other memory and solid state storage products, has announced today that it has begun shipments in sample quantities of DDR4 memory modules. These samples are for qualification in next generation server, storage and networking applications which are expected to launch later in 2014 through 2015.

Currently, SMART's lineup of available DDR4-2133 1.2V modules includes VLP (Very Low Profile) and standard height RDIMMs up to 16GB, and ECC SO-DIMMs up to 8GB. These modules include improved capacity and performance scalability, improved power efficiency, and enhanced system reliability, which are all benefits driving the transition to DDR4.

As an active participating member at JEDEC, SMART is committed to DDR4 industry enablement and is closely aligned with its DRAM supplier partners to support the industry's smooth transition to DDR4. SMART is also focused on providing extensive technical support to OEMs who are designing DDR4 memory into their systems. This technical support includes simulation models, thermal models and mechanical models. In addition to native DDR4 enhancements for reliability including CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check), SMART will also be extending its Enterprise Memory™ service, SMART's proprietary extra-high reliability module testing process, into DDR4 to help OEMs maintain substantially higher levels of product quality and reliability.

The table below lists the available DDR4-2133 1.2V modules that SMART is currently offering.

Module Type Part Numbers Density Config. Speed/Voltage
RDIMM SH2047RD410451SD 16GB 2Rx4 DDR4-2133 / 1.2V
RDIMM SH1027RD410451SD 8GB 1Rx4 DDR4-2133 / 1.2V
RDIMM SH1027RD451851SD 8GB 2Rx8 DDR4-2133 / 1.2V
VLP RDIMM SH2047RD410451MAV 16GB 2Rx4 DDR4-2133 / 1.2V
VLP RDIMM SH1027RD410451SDV 8GB 1Rx4 DDR4-2133 / 1.2V
VLP RDIMM SH1027RD451851SDV 8GB 2Rx8 DDR4-2133 / 1.2V
ECC SO-DIMM SH1027SO451851SD 8GB 2Rx8 DDR4-2133 / 1.2V

To order sample parts or to receive more information on SMART's DDR4 offering, please contact one of SMART's sales representatives in your area. A full list of sales representatives can be found at

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