May 2011


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Industry Transition to NVDIMMs for RAID Storage Backup Applications Underway

Battery backup solutions for saving cache data during unplanned shutdowns are long-established and proven, but have disadvantages. The major issues with batteries include replacement, service calls, disposal costs, system space limitations and “green” content requirements.

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DRAM report

Samsung, Hynix lead DRAM sales

According to a recent DRAMeXchange report, Samsung Electronics and Hynix Semiconductor dominated the global market for DRAM chips in the first quarter despite decreasing demand for personal computers.


Profitability Unlikely in Taiwan`s DRAM Sector Before Q2

Huge losses by Taiwan`s PowerChip, Nanya, ProMOS. and Inotera last quarter lead industry executives to believe profitability is unlikely in the Taiwan`s DRAM sector until the end of this quarter.


DRAM market to grow 11% in 2011, DDR3 to remain dominant

With DDR3 is expected to remain the dominant technology, iSuppli reports that shipments of DRAM modules will reach 812.7million units in 2011, up from 733.2million in 2010.


Tessera loses appeal of ITC ruling

Affirming a decision by the U.S. International Trade Commission, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Monday ruled that DRAM vendors did not infringe on a Tessera patent by using wBGA laminate-based package substrates.


Chipmakers move to 3d to create successor to multichip module

Claims of the demise of Moore's Law remain exaggerated – even with optical lithography, manufacturers reckon there is a reasonably clear path to 16nm and evidence that structures such as finFETs could be good down to 10nm.


FLASH Report

Toshiba Rebounds from Crisis on Ipad Demand

After Japan’s earthquake and tsunami in March, few companies in the country were in worse shape than Toshiba. However, as world’s second-largest producer of NAND flash chips and a major supplier for the iPad, Toshiba can thank Apple for its speedy recovery.


SNIA Releases Enterprise SSD Testing Spec

Designed to standardize how the performance characteristics of solid-state products are measured, the SNIA has released the Solid State Storage Performance Test Specification (SSS PTS).


Apple taking its time approving more efficient flash storage

Although it is known for releasing very innovative products, Apple has a history of being incredibly conservative when it comes to introducing new technologies to its existing products.


Brisk Tablet Sales Starting to Hurt HDD Market

With sales solid-state NAND flash drives expected to boom by 400 percent over the next year, iSuppli has reported that the market for HDD used in computers of all kinds will slow down in 2011.


Making a storage mountain out of a molecule

Promising 1,000-fold increases in hard drive capacity, Nottingham University has devised a depleted uranium molecule that keeps a constant magnetic state and is many times smaller than bits on hard disk drives.


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