Automotive Applications


Advancements in automotive electronics ushers in the era of the connected car, advanced driver assistance system, GPS navigation, and feature-rich infotainment systems. Automotive applications require highly reliable memory technologies to support the computation and data storage demands of modern automotive systems. SMART offers high-end memory products in multiple embedded and removable form factors to work with the automotive industry's newest and most demanding applications.

Leveraging 25 years of experience in providing the most reliable memory solutions of the highest quality to the top industrial and networking OEMs around the world, SMART Modular offers an array of Flash solutions for automotive specific applications.


  • Designed for high reliability and operation at -40°C to +85°C
  • Product qualification follows JEDEC standard guidelines
  • BOM control documentation is available to meet customer requirements

Features and Benefits

Embedded Flash Products for Automotive applications
mSATA (JEDEC® MO-300A) modules and various M.2 SATA and Slim SATA modules are ideal for auto infotainment applications. They are easily integrated into a host system without any special BIOS modifications or additional device drivers thanks to their industry-standard SATA interface. SMART offers single level cell (SLC) and multi-level cell (MLC) I-temp grade mSATA drives.

mSATA (MO-300A)
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SD Cards
SMART's I-temp grade SD and microSD cards are also designed for auto infotainment applications. Incorporating on-board error detection, correction algorithms, and static and dynamic wear leveling techniques, SMART's SD and microSD card products insure years of reliable operation.

SD Card